How bug-fixing made me a better developer

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“Someone spills milk on the floor, you need to clean it. Someone else breaks a bottle, you also need to fix it.” I felt this way while working as a bug-fixer, fixing what was broken by others. While fixing software bugs is a fantastic process of getting a developer comfortable with the code base, it can easily become a frustrating experience over a lengthy period of time.



I worked for a little under a year as an entry-level software engineer at a US-based EdTech startup and a good part of my time on the job was spent fixing bugs on the platform. Frustrating and mundane as it sometimes was, it provided invaluable experience for me as a junior developer seeking to improve my skills in software development. I have met many junior developers in the same boat as I was so I decided to write this post with the hope of inspiring them that there are core skills to be learnt while fixing bugs. Here goes a summary of the lessons I learned, sometimes unwittingly, during my experience as a bug-fixer:


Bug-fixing can be a frustrating but invaluable experience. Rather than pulling at your hair, focus on the learning experience that comes with each bug. I am glad for the time spent working as a bug-fixer. The lessons I learnt from the experience has helped me improve immensely as a software developer.

Thanks to the Engineers at the EdTech startup for patiently mentoring me all through the time I spent working with them. Thanks to Chibuzor, Uzo Awili, Ebun Omoni and Blessing Orazulume for their help with this article.

Kosy Anyanwu

Kosy Anyanwu

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